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What Teachers Need in Their School Bag

by:Joy Summit      2020-11-29
It might be hard to implement at first, but with early preparation, you can start leaving your heavy books either at school or at home. Try photocopying a few pages and keeping them in a folder or general class file. The more you know your students, the less dependent you will also be on your textbooks.
Here are some definite musts:

A planner. This is the 'brain' of every teacher containing class lists, important substitute information, grades of course, records of homework and works, student contact information to name a few.
File or folder for keeping student work. You can have color coded files system or a 8-in-1 file folder to keep all work handy together.
Notebooks outlining your lesson plans. Label each one according to their classes for easy pull out.
A pencil case with scissors, erasers, stapler, stickers, clue stick, tape. You just never know when you will need these things. School supplies sometimes run out, so keep your own personal stock on hand.
A file or folder for the next day's material to be photocopied. Don't wait to the last minute to photocopy material. Take those books or textbooks and photocopy those essential pages. Having a separate folder entirely will keep those papers organized.
Another file or folder for important teacher documents such as your pay stub, salary notices, important school or college documents.
Any important resource books or other resources
And some extras

High protein snacks. Teaching is a demanding and exhausting job. Keep trail mix, granola bars, nuts, an apple, or some dried fruit on the side, in addition to your sandwich. You just never know when those cravings might settle in.
Money - for unexpected instances.
pictures of your family - a gentle reminder of the loving support during your first year.
bottle of water - you'll be doing a lot of talking on some days more than others.
house keys
xerox card
a cell phone if you carry one (just remember to turn it off in the lessons)
prizes for the kids
a few notes of wisdom, or perhaps something nice and calm to cheer you up
And Finally...
Have a few small trick packets such as a special game, a packet of postcards, an object , flashcards, some photos, bingo board - you just never know when you will need to use them and you will! Make sure your resources are age appropriate and challenging.
Remember, simple is better. Avoid too much overplanning. Keep your files thin, with only a few day's lessons so you aren't too overwhelmed. It is also a good idea to get your teacher bag organized and ready the night before leaving your mind to focus on other things for the next day.
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