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What Is a Pet Carrier Purse?

by:Joy Summit      2020-11-21
When the term 'purse' is used, often a natural assumption can be made that a pet carrier purse is small and could be placed under a seat on an aircraft. This assumption may not be accurate and as with any carrier that you may want to purchase, the style and all descriptions should be available and described to your airline. You will want to make certain any carrier you are considering will be acceptable as a carrier for 'in cabin use,' or to be sent as baggage in the luggage compartment.
Another tip in locating an airline approved carrier is the carrier must have a secure 'clasp' inside for attaching to an equally secure leash. You can imagine the problems that may be encountered with a frightened animal loose in an airline cabin. Not a pretty sight for certain, and one you would certainly like to avoid, not to mention your pet's experience while loose.
Most often carriers for 'in cabin' use are listed as 'airline approved' with a caution most often being made, for you to check with your airline for the type aircraft you will be flying in on your particular trip. Your airline will advise you of their specific regulations.
It is prudent to carefully determine the space inside a carrier for your pet's safety as well as their comfort. Many dogs and cats require less space than you might think and prefer a 'snug' environment or atmosphere. This may come as a surprise to some, even if you've had your pet for a long time. It seems certain animals feel safer in small or tighter spaces.
When your pet is large and an airline approved carrier for use under your seat is not an option, several airlines have other options, and you can ask for their suggestions and options. There are cargo services available and where it may not be your first choice it may be one you can use once you have heard the assurances offered by an airline representative. It's comforting to hear most restrictions and guidelines are for your pet's safety. Weather and temperature related concerns and considerations are just a few. It is appropriate to question their handling procedures at this time also.
This article is offered to assist prospective carrier buyers in considering as many aspects of a carrier as possible. My hope is for you and your pet to have a enjoyable, satisfying travel experience.

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