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What Color Is Your Backpack?

by:Joy Summit      2020-10-14
Backpacks come in a wide variety of colors. May you're in the market for a new pack, perhaps as a replacement for the tried-and-true pack you are so fond of that is well past its prime. Or maybe the thought has come to you that a cute backpack would make a special gift for the daughter that is the apple of your eye. No matter the reason, color speaks! So you might as well know what the colors are saying and fold the knowledge into your choice of a new backpack.
Red fires up the emotions, conjuring up diverse images, all of which have one thing in common: intensity! From danger and power to desire and love, red gets our heart beating and blood flowing. The lighter the shade of red the more the color evokes sensations of joy, passion, romance and love whereas the darker shades tend towards such diverse emotions as courage, longing, malice, anger and wrath.
Yellow is the color of choice for those wanting to pour emotional sunshine into the one you're buying the backpack for. Yellow denotes sunshine and elicits sensations of joy, contentment and happiness. It's a cheerful color and stimulates our mind and muscles. But be careful! A dull yellow isn't helpful and raises the specter of sickness and decay. Stick with the lighter shades of yellow to keep the focus on joy.
Orange is a powerful color bringing together the happy influences of yellow with red's energy. It's an enthusiastic color full of creativity and determination, a color young people naturally gravitate to as it increases the supply of oxygen to the brain, stimulating mental activity-and appetite! Orange is also a highly visible color, it stands out and grabs our attention.
Blue is the calming color, bringing to mind the wonderful canopy of the sky. It slows us down and sooths the mind. It is the color of heaven and brings with it the corresponding associations of faith, truth, loyalty and trust. Understand that it is also a masculine color and is the color of choice in the corporate world.
Green is nature's native color, full of life and growth and capable of the emotional suggestion of safety. The most restful of colors to our eyes, green is a healing color full of hope. If you are into money, go with the darker shades of green as they are favored in the financial arena. (And with it, ambition and greed.) The olive shade of green is traditionally associated with peace.

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