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Travel Bags - What Type Of Bag Suits You

by:Joy Summit      2021-04-07

Packing for your next trip is always a challenge. What do you take? Where are you going? Where are you staying? Each of these questions is not only important to plan your next trip, it is also essential for your luggage.

To plan the perfect trip you must also plan for the perfect travel bag. Stop and think about where you are going or what you are doing. First, think about your destination and how you will be travelling. Are you heading to Europe for relaxing week or a weekend away at the in-laws? Next, have a think about what type of activities you are probably going to be doing each time you get away? Are you a regular hiker or backpacker? Or is your idea of roughing it going 4 stars instead of 5?Your bag is an extension of you and your travel plans. A solid, lockable suitcase is ideal for international travel but will be out of place in an Istanbul youth hostel. Your chic D&G overnight bag may be perfect for that quick trip to New York but you are not going to get much use from it going camping. To plan for the perfect trip, plan for your perfect bag first. Think about the following travel bags and if they are suitable for you -

Wheeled Duffel Bag - Our first bad is a great all-rounder. This is a soft construction bag with a solid spine supporting wheels and an extendable handle. Cheaper versions are simply a collapsible bag with no wheels. This is a convenient choice if you spend weekends away or enjoy a family road trip. Hardwearing, it will last a lifetime and can take anything from clothes to sports gear. The bag itself has no rigidity so it will not protect fragile items or items that need to stay wrinkle free.

Solid Suitcase - The most expensive item in our lineup is the solid suitcase. This luggage item offers security with sturdy, inbuilt locks and is rigid enough to stand up to the rigors of long distance travel. Clothing in this item is stored securely in each half of the shell. Pack with some thought and your clothes will survive the trip wrinkle free - a critical issue for busy business people on the run.

Backpacks - Solid suitcases are fine for international travel if you only have to handle the suitcase from the luggage carousel to the taxi. If your luggage is more hands on but you still need durability for international travel, then the backpack is for you. The key with this luggage is portability. If you have to carry this bag for long distances, simply unzipping the back compartment reveals two comfortable shoulder straps. If you want to blend in with the travel crowd instead, several designs also sport trolley wheels and extendible handles.

The Overnighter - A simple solution with 100 uses. This small soft leather or fabric bag is perfect for those overnight trips away. Small enough to qualify as carry-on baggage, travelling with this bag will never slow you down waiting for the luggage carousel after the plane has landed.You'll find many other types of bags and luggage in department and travel stores, aside from the ones mentioned here. Packing for travel need not be a headache. You just need to take note of what type of traveling you'll do, think of what you need to bring to enjoy your travel, and pick the right bag to use.

Let Joy Summit match the perfect bag to your travel needs. Our online store has travel bags from solid zipperless suitcases through to premium brand backpacks.

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