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Training Your Pet to Love His Pet Carrier

by:Joy Summit      2020-11-24
Most airlines, will allow you to bring your pet along with you when traveling provided that you place them in airline approved pet carriers. You must inform the airline that you are bringing your pooch along with you and ask them about the policies.
Before going on a trip, here are some tips in an air travel for your pet:
• Make sure that your pet is healthy. Do not want to bring a sick pup when you travel because he this will just aggravate his condition.
• Make a reservation for your pooch. You should inform the airline that you are bringing your pet along with you. Most airlines limit the number of pets on board.
• Purchase a pet carrier. Airlines will require you to place your dog inside a carrier to prevent them from wandering around and disturbing the other passengers.
• Make your pet comfortable in his dog carrier. Purchase the carrier, months, or weeks before your travel so he will have enough time to get used into riding on it.
• On the day of the travel, place your pooch inside his carrier with food and water inside. He will no longer have to bark loudly when he is hungry or thirsty because his food and water is already in sight.
• Make sure to have his collar with his name around his neck for easy identification just in case he will be lost.
• Keep your pet inside his dog carrier all throughout the journey. This will prevent him from wandering around the plane. He is better kept inside the carrier safe and sound. There are other passengers who do not appreciate doggies playing under their feet. Besides, airline policies will not allow you to pull him out of his carrier during the journey.
• Put your pet under the seat in front of you. But never remove him from his carrier because the airlines will not allow it. The reason that they require dogs to be in pet carriers so as not to disturb the other passengers.

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