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Things You Should Know About Flying With Your Pet

by:Joy Summit      2020-11-25
We consider our beloved pets as part of our family. And that's why it is not surprising that most of us want to take our dog or cat along when traveling to another country. Taking them on a flight in-cabin is quite easy if we know the things we should do when traveling with our pet. Below are some of the things you should know first:

Choose the Right Pet Carrier - always consider the fact your pet is comfortable enough in a pet carrier. There are so many carriers but only few are really airline approved pet carriers. Phone the airline and talk to a representative so you can check the airline regulations for carrier might as well their requirements. Usually, the general requirements are that the carrier should be 8-10 inches tall, 17-19 inches in length, and up to 10-15 inches wide.
Secure Your Pet's Medical Record and other Documents - Always be reminded that you should bring your pet's health certificate from your veterinarian and it should be dated and signed by your vet within 10 days of your pet's trip. Aside from medical records don't forget to bring also any registration papers, bills of sale or other supporting documents that will identify you as pet owner. Your pet also is required to wear a collar and ID tags.
Pets Need a Reservation - Pet owners, who are taking their pets with them for the first time are curious to know if they should also make a reservation for them. Well, when you make your own reservation don't forget also to make one for your pets. FAA mandates each airline to allow a certain number of pets in-cabin. It is not only necessary but wise to book you and your pets early. An airline would probably charge for traveling with you in-cabin from $75 to $200 each way.
Getting Your Pet Ready For the Trip - it is very important to prepare your pet for flying. As much as possible let your dog to be at ease with his pet carrier. Let him spend some time inside the carrier a few weeks prior to the trip will help significantly.

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