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The Versatility of Pet Carrier Purse

by:Joy Summit      2020-11-23
A pet carrier purse is just beginning to be used by pet owners who are always on the go with their beloved little canine. Most commonly used carriers are in the form of a bag but to achieve better mobility, many have considered using a pet purse. For the education of those who are not yet familiar, this allows a pet owner to carry their small dogs or puppies, not in a bag, but like a shoulder bag. The product is made in a way that the body is embraced by a comfortable cloth material then straps are attached for carrying purposes. The dog's legs are inserted into 4 holes of the cloth which adds security from falling off when being carried. It's like how a dog is put into a harness but instead using just straps and the full body is clothed.
A dog may not like this carrying idea instantly. Being carried like a bag, seemingly suspended in the air, may bring a lot of uncomfortable feelings for him. As a responsible owner, one should give a training period before putting a dog in this position. Be sensitive to the dog's reactions and allow him to slowly be accustomed to it. Start by dressing him up on it but do not lift him up yet. After a short while, slowly give him a lift and see his reaction. If the dog resists, put him down and give a reassuring pat or embrace. A pet owner may require extreme patience in this process. Just like how the usual trainings are done, be ready with treats to praise the dog once the task is accomplished.
When scouting for a pet purse, check for the kind of material that will give utmost comfort. It should not be as hard as those used in bags but as soft and comfortable as clothes. Very commonly used for these are jeans but lately, since many has picked up the idea, different types of cloths are already being used to add a more fashionable look. The best design to consider is one that gives total versatility. There are designs where you can adjust the handles to make them longer and be able wear them across your chest for additional comfort. Some also come with additional handles that can make you carry your pet by hand instead of using your shoulders. Very useful as well when your shoulders have gone tired. Dogs may be light and small but carrying them for a long period of time is still very tiring. Also, the dog may also experience tiredness and uneasiness at some point. In this situation a part of the handle maybe detached at one end and then be transformed into a leash. This makes the pet and its owner free to do some leisure walking.
Get a pet carrier purse for your little canine buddy and experience a more comfortable way of travelling around with your pet.

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