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The Ergonomics of Laptop Backpacks

by:Joy Summit      2020-12-10
Did you know that most people are carrying well over 10%-20% of their own body weight on their backs every day? Backpacks have become the most popular form of transporting our precious goods especially those most used items which are our biggest laptops. Our lives have become so transient during our busy day that we have to bring so many belongings with us to accommodate our work, play, exercise, and school. We are busy Parents, busy professionals, busy students, busy travelers, and many are all at the same time. Many of us are commuting via public transportation, bicycle, motor bike, or on foot. We are hoisting our belongings in and out of vehicles taking them on and off multiple times per day. We are out of our homes from very early in the morning until very late at night carrying everything on our person constantly for hours. We're loaded down with various forms of carrying devices. How does one choose between a backpack, messenger bag, purse, duffel, attache, neoprene sleeve, brief case, or roller bag to name a few?
Backpacks, especially ones with wider straps, are recommended to be the safest and most ergonomically comfortable way to transport your life and with urban style too. Gone are the days of antiquated book bags and Army surplus backpacks. Orthopedists have researched and found that even weight distribution and adjustable straps allowing the backpack to sit up higher on your back is the best way to prevent neck pain, upper back or thoracic pain, lower back pain, as well as other joints like hips, knees, and ankle problems.
Laptop backpacks in particular are designed to promote healthy posture. With their even storage distribution, padding in all the right places, and state of the art ergonomic design, you can be comfortable all day with everything you need, and hopefully promote orthopedic health into older age.
So, think about it. If your child weighs 80 pounds, he or she should be only carrying 8-16 pounds in their backpacks. I remember weighing my son's backpack in 5th grade when he was 10. It weighed 25 pounds which included his school books, his gymnastics gear for after school, his water bottle, and lunch bag which were both hanging from his backpack straps. He weighed about 100 pounds at the time. You do the math.
The best backpacks on the market are the ones designed for laptops. The wide adjustable straps, thoughtful padding, and multiple compartments allow for great weight distribution allowing for healthy ergonomics,and have even left room for great urban style.

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