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Technical level and characteristics of the bag industry

Technical level and characteristics of the bag industry


The technical level of the bag manufacturing industry is mainly reflected in the three aspects of raw material functionality, product design capabilities, and production technology levels. After many years of development, China's bag manufacturing industry has reached a relatively high level in the manufacturing process; however, there is still a large gap with the international advanced level of bag manufacturing in terms of raw material functionality and product design capabilities.

1. Functionality of raw materials

The functionality of raw materials is one of the important factors determining the product quality of bagging enterprises, including conventional and special functions of fabrics.

Performance, functional hardware accessories, etc. The conventional function of the fabric refers to the conventional physical characteristics of the fabric such as high strength, high wear resistance and tear resistance during the daily use of the bag products. The special function of the fabric refers to the anti-fouling, waterproof, heat-resistant, Light, reflective and other special features; functional hardware accessories include double-layer anti-theft zipper, waterproof zipper and other special functional hardware accessories. Through the research and development and use of raw materials such as fabric fibers, coating materials, and hardware accessories, companies use these functional raw materials in combination according to demand to improve product quality and promote product function upgrades.

2. Product design capabilities

Product design capability is the core of the user experience of bag products, including aesthetic appearance and functional design completeness.

The design aesthetics refers to the design of bags with rich aesthetics through the organic combination of shapes, patterns, colors and other elements based on the research on the aesthetics of consumers. The completeness of functional design refers to the full understanding of consumers' perceptions of bags. The functional requirements of similar products, through rational planning and design of functional components, make the product meet the basic needs of consumers while providing a better user experience. In general, there is a gap between the product design capabilities of China's bag manufacturing industry and foreign counterparts. Domestic companies continue to improve their product design capabilities through cooperation with foreign design agencies and independent designers, hiring overseas designers, and participating in international exhibition exchanges.

3. Production technology level

In recent years, with the development of the overall industry chain of bag manufacturing, the utilization rate of bag manufacturing equipment in China has significantly increased, and the level of automation has continued to increase. Computerized cars, automatic cutting machines and other automated production equipment have been widely used. While promoting the improvement of product processing quality and level, it has also greatly improved labor productivity. At the same time, the use of strength testers, Martindale abrasion testers, X-ray testers, bending testers and other inspection equipment has further improved the industry's quality control level. Enterprises in the industry continue to increase their independent innovation and scientific and technological research and development, which has driven the overall equipment and production process of the industry.

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