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Take Your Pet on the Plane

by:Joy Summit      2020-11-24
You can take your small pet on the plane with your if have an airline-approved pet carrier. Gone are the days when the only option was to be separated from your beloved pet as you watched the airport personnel take your pet away in a crate to the cargo area. Nowadays, if you have a carrier that will fit under an airline seat, your pet can travel with you in the cabin of the plane. Although federal law mandates that the pet must stay in the carrier once it is in the cabin, your little dog or cat can hear your voice and know that you are near. Plus, this gives you the opportunity to give your pet its favorite treats, something it will greatly appreciate in the new surroundings.
Holiday travel is fast approaching. Many people feel bereft if their cherished pet cannot join in the family togetherness that is so much a part of the joy of the holidays. After all, how many pets consider themselves to be part of the family? And how many people feel closer to their pets than they do to certain family members?
Your vet may recommend a sedative for your pet if you take it on a trip, but even so being near you will make a lot of difference to its state of mind. And you will be more at peace yourself.
Soft-sided pet carriers that are airline-approved come in different styles, but they are all strive to make your pet's travel experience as enjoyable as possible. However, one company stands above the rest in setting the standard for airline-approved pet carriers and that company is Sherpa. As you make your plans to take your pet on the plane, be sure and take a look at Sherpa Pet Carriers. You and your pet will be so glad you did!

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