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SwissGear Computer Backpack: An In-Depth Review

by:Joy Summit      2020-12-08
If you're a computer savvy like me, then you must pay a great deal of attention about how to take good care of your gadgets and electronics. One of the most important things that you have to have is a laptop backpack - a bag that you can use to casually carry your laptop in especially during trips and travel. While I have a conventional laptop bag that I use for work, I also have the SwissGear Computer Backpack for more casual events like going out of town, travelling for work, and visiting a friend. You might like it, too, so here are some of the details that I would like to share for you to better understand why I love this bag.
This bag is completely designed to optimize the user's comfort as well as utilization of the product. There are a lot of things that you can put inside this bag, apart from the laptop itself. There are compartments for notebooks, textbooks, passports, IDs, and other important items that you need for school or for work.
It has a nice, curved form which fits our curved torso, and the polyester material makes it a fantastic and durable bag which can last for many years. You can easily wipe off stains on the material because it has a plastic-like texture that can easily be cleaned without worrying about the contents getting wet.
There are three major compartments of the bag, the biggest and deepest one being the space for the laptop. There's a padding where you keep the laptop in lace and safely protected, separate from other items. It also has a strap to make sure that the device doesn't come out of place even if you're traveling through rough roads or under turbulent conditions.
The exterior of the bag has a nice, sewn checkered accent and a SwissGear symbol in the middle top, which serves as the eye catcher of the bag's face. It also has an organizer compartment perfect for keeping pens and other office supplies. You will definitely find this bag very functional for all your office, school, and travel needs.
The black with light gray accents color of the bag makes it very nice to look at. It's a very unisexual color that can fit people of all gender and ages. I love it myself, and it fits me perfectly without fear of thinking that it's not a fit for my gender. The black color is excellent for keeping stains and dust out of sight, but the light gray one might show a lot. You just have to be careful where you put the bag, especially because the gray area is at the bottom, close to contact with other materials.
Other Features
There is a lot more that this bag has to offer. The airflow back system keeps you cool while carrying the backpack and the comfortable, padded shoulder straps distribute weight completely, lessening the heaviness of the load and making it easier to carry. There are water bottle compartments at either side of the bag where you can keep your sports bottle, soda bottle, or even a can of cola. You also get to listen to your favorite music while wearing the bag through the earphone outlet at the top of the bag. There shoulder straps are added with functionality, as the left strap has an eyeglass holder and the right strap has a cell phone holder. It's absolutely perfect for long walks, trips out of town, and travelling to different places.
You can't miss the excellent features that the SwissGear Computer Backpack has to offer. Apart from its excellent aesthetic value, its durability and added functionality makes it a perfect partner for all your techie needs. This product can get my 100% recommendation because I know that no one will ever be dissatisfied with the fabulous features that this bag has to offer.

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