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School Bags

by:Joy Summit      2020-11-29
Almost all of us probably remember our first school bag. Back in the innocent days of our youth our world opened up to education, friends and responsibilities. For the first time we started to appreciate the concept of personal possessions and the key to that was our bag. In it we could have our own private store of everything that we needed during the day, our lunches, our books, toys and those incredible sets of pens and pencils that people kept giving us on our birthdays.
Depending on how old you are, the school bag has changed a lot since you were a child. My first school bag was a traditional satchel in brown leather with a single shoulder strap and metal buckles, but today you are more likely to see children going to school with a backpack. The dependable traditional technology of yesteryear has now in many cases been replaced with the cutting edge technology of computer designed synthetic fibres, ergonomic padded straps and quick release fasteners. The school bags still contain the same things though, by and large, although you might see a few more mobile phones and mp3 players than in my day.
This bags often get changed on a regular basis. Most kids go through a phase of trying to seem older, and try out adult style briefcases, or they get into sports and hobbies and start to use a sports bag for all their sweaty gym gear. Fashion affects children much younger these days and the school bag as a fashion accessory is more and more common. I'm sure we all remember as well the bags adorned with our favourite cartoon characters, all the stickers and patches we used to collect, and the infinite variety of methods of labelling a bag with our names.

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