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Regular 17 Inch Laptop Backpack Vs 17 Inch Computer

by:Joy Summit      2020-12-13
You've finally decided to go for it and purchase that 17 inch laptop. Now you need to protect it and you are wondering which is better, a simple backpack.html' target='_blank'>laptop backpack or one with wheels to protect your new purchase. The answer is that both styles of computer backpacks are great options depending on your needs.
A regular 17 inch laptop bag is ideal for you who wish to take your laptop computer along when riding your bike, hiking or camping out in the great out of doors. It is also the ideal backpack for college campuses and those trips to the office. These backpacks have wide comfortable straps that help balance the weight of your computer and those accessories more evenly than a single strap over the shoulder computer case, making carrying your computer less tiring on your arms as well as freeing your arms and hands for other things. They are even great for use on public transport as there is less chance of a backpack getting jostled from you than those one strap bags.
A backpack made especially for 17 inch computers that has the addition of wheels however, is the same great computer backpack and can be carried the same way when used for all the above situations with the added benefit of having a steel frame with wheels and a telescoping handle which makes them great for zipping through the airport or long hallways if you need to do so on a regular basis. While the frames and wheels do add a little extra weight, manufacturers strive to make them as lightweight as possible so they are comfortable to wheel or to carry.
Your decision on whether to choose one of the 17 inch laptop backpacks with or without wheels for your computer is entirely up to you and the specific needs you have and lifestyle you live. Many times backpacks are ideal way for not just students, but travelling professional to carry around. Many of them can be made from leather or have that luxurious feel and look to them. They are extremely practical even if you are not carrying around a laptop as they can be used for almost anything. The nicest thing about laptop backpacks is that is leaves you hands free to do what you need to do, especially if you travelling by bike, in the airport, or just running from presentation to presentation.

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