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Promoting Comfort in Pet Carriers

by:Joy Summit      2020-11-19
Aside from being a fashion statement, pet carriers are now commonly used by dog owners in transporting their canines with them. They come in various sizes and types. No matter what variety they are, what is important is the comfort that it offers you and your pet.
Here are some guidelines in making you and your pooch comfortable with a dog carrier:
• Select a carrier that is large enough to give her room and space to move about and lie down comfortably. It should not be too large because it will make him prone to injury when the carrier is tipped with a sudden stop. It should not also be too small to allow air and ventilation.
• Make sure that your canine will not feel claustrophobic inside. This will create fear and will not cooperate to stay inside.
• Choose the type of dog carrier that is suitable and comfortable for you too. If you are not comfortable with what you are carrying, tendency is that your pet will also feel uncomfortable inside because of the instability.
• Place a blanket or a small pillow at the bottom of the carrier to provide her additional comfort.
• Make sure that the carrier is made of durable materials. Cheaper ones tear easily and will pose an injury threat to your pet.
• Make sure that the pet carrier can carry the weight of your pet. If your hairy companion is too heavy for the carrier, tendency is that the bottom will give away to your pet's weight. It will also be a burden on your part because you have to support the weight with your own hands.
• When traveling by car, it is recommended to stop for a few minutes very after 2-3 hours so you can walk your pet around to relieve him from discomforts. It is physically and emotionally disturbing to remain in an enclosed space for hours.
• Lastly, pet carriers must be kept clean at all times to give your pet a fresh environment.

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