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Pro Runner 350 AW Camera Backpack From Lowepro

by:Joy Summit      2020-12-22
The Pro Runner 350 AW camera backpack from Lowepro is an exceptional carry bag for your camera equipment. The thick straps and waistband make it comfortable, even when loaded. The large padded space has ample room for camera, lenses, and accessories, and there is also space to carry a laptop, iPod, keys, documents, etc. The backpack really holds a lot.
The large compartment has dividers that are held in place with Velcro, which enable you to customize compartment size for your individual gear. These are not cheap little dividers, but well padded with strong Velcro. They should stay in place and protect your equipment for a long time. The inside of the main compartment also has some smaller pockets for flashcards, etc. All the pockets are zippered or Velcroed. If you have very large lenses, they probably won't fit, but for a couple of extra lenses, you can design the interior to hold your equipment.
It took me a minute to find the laptop pocket. I might have missed it if I hadn't read there was a compartment for laptops. The zipper is on the side and the laptop slides in from the side and is held in a well-padded compartment between the camera and the wearer's back.
The thin outside flap unzips for a small compartment with pockets to hold an iPod, keys, pens, cell phone, and a few documents. You won't put a lot in here, but it will hold certain items. Then on the very outside, there is a zippered pocket that will hold travel documents or small items for quick retrieval.
One thing I really like, especially on days like today when it rained all day, is the built-in All Weather Cover. There's a little tag at the bottom that indicates where the cover is located. Undo the Velcro, pull the cover out and waterproof your backpack. Very cool! Then you can tuck it back in when not in use.
There's also a hideaway tripod mount with a removable holder. This enables you to secure your tripod to the outside back of your backpack with secure straps. There is a mesh side pocket on one side of the pack. I sort of wish there was one on both sides.
I have not taken the bag on an airplane, but the tag says it is carry-on size and sized for international travel. Although the way some airlines are going, who knows about this.
This is an excellent camera backpack. It will hold your gear securely and keep things organized and safe. Highly recommended.

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