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Picnic in the Woods

by:Joy Summit      2020-11-01
What a great way to explore the outdoors than sharing a meal in a picnic. With over 350 national parks and reserve areas around the country that cover more than 52 million acres, there is too much to explore out there. Before planning your picnic experience, here are some ideas that may help you to make your next picnic experience a memorable experience.
The right place. With so many parks to visit and so many climates across the country, this is a very tough choice. Our parks offer us a variety of landscapes to keep you busy for years! You will have to consider what scene you want to enjoy in your picnic experience. Do you want to picnic close to a lake?, surrounded by giant trees?, in a desert valley?, on top of a hill? or close to a waterfall? Depending on the surroundings and their accessibility, you will need to plan your supplies and the way to carry them. A traditional wooden picnic basket can be very useful when you have easy access to your picnic destination. If you are also combining your picnic with outdoor activities like hiking or biking, a picnic backpack will work better for you. You can also find insulated picnic backpack that will make things easier for you, since you won't need to carry a cooler.
The season. Most people think that picnicking is just for summer time, they are missing a lot of the fun! Even in winter you can have a great time enjoying the outdoors. Fall offers the best picnic experience in the wood. During fall the woods offer the best of their colors and because most people start switching to indoor activities, you will find the top destinations less crowded and you can easily find that perfect spot.
Picnic with family, friends or just two. The woods can offer lots of fun for family and friends, or a very romantic getaway. You can combine fun activities with your picnic, like hiking or exploring nature. The kids are specially engaged discovering nature and animal life. Picnicking in front of a calm lake or under the shadow of a big sequoia can give the charm to any romantic picnic. You just need to find a quiet and private spot, the woods give you the rest.
Picnic in the woods is a great opportunity to have fun, to breath clean air, to relax your self and to enjoy nature.

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