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Pet Carriers: Fashion and Convenience

by:Joy Summit      2020-11-09
Gone were the days when you have to tow your dog when you go on travel because pet carriers are already here. It does not only provide you and your dog convenience but it also allows you to carry your pet in a stylish manner.
Pet carrier as a convenient way to travel with your pooch:
You would always love to bring your pet along with you wherever you go. It is okay for your pooch to walk on foot if you go for a morning or an afternoon walk in your neighbourhood. But when you go for a shopping, visit a friend who lives on the next town or perhaps go on long trips, it is no longer advisable to tow your hairy companion with you. It would be a hassle on your part. Dogs are curious creatures. Whenever they get attracted to things, they would want to go near it to examine tugging you along against your resistance to pull him back. Another thing is that, your pet will also be prone to injuries especially when he belongs to the small breed. He could be bumped, kicked or stepped on during your trip. To avoid these occurrences, you better put your pooch inside a pet carrier when you travel.
Dog carrier as a fashion statement:
Dogs also have their own fashion. When Paris Hilton was seen with her Chihuahua all dressed up in style, many were influenced to follow her way of pampering her pet. In the movie Legally Blonde, Reese Witherspoon also has a fashionable chi whom she always carry with her in a trendy shoulder bag carrier. These kinds of movies also have an impact in the evolution of dog fashion. Dressing up pets became popular and many pet stores boomed.
Carriers for dogs do not only come in a single design. As a fashion trend, different styles and designs are being created and each serves a unique purpose. Like for example, a tote is for female dog owners and is appropriate only for puppies and small breeds. While the sling type can be used for both gender. The backpack is more commonly used by males. It is also more convenient to use compared to the shoulder bag because the weight of your dog is supported by the strong muscles of your back. And a wheeled dog carrier is recommended for long trips because you can barely feel the weight of your little hairy travel companion.

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