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Laptop Backpacks For Women - Finally Stylish And

by:Joy Summit      2020-12-12
I was looking at some reviews of laptop backpacks for women the other day, and I was pleasantly surprised at the wide number of choices there are for women these days. Not so long ago the luggage industry decided that we would like butch-looking suitcases that came only in choices of black, brown or maybe green. Not very feminine and certainly not colors that stand out on an airport carousel too well.
I wish I could remember who it was that first decided that women could actually have a choice of fabrics for suitcases. At first they were pretty drab floral tweeds, probably to hide the dirt and scratches, but looking at backpacks for women there is a huge choice out there and designed to fit women, not men.
There are enormous choices for consumers today, especially with the internet. Life is confusing enough as it is and if you are looking for something as simple as laptop backpacks for women, you can be confronted with such an array you wish you had never started looking.
But because women's frames are generally smaller, we do need special backpacks. Smaller women often only had the choice of purchasing a backpack that was designed for younger people, but now we can express ourselves with any number of fabrics, styles and brands.
The first thing to think about when looking at laptop backpacks for women is the capacity. Do you simply want to carry a laptop and a few other essentials along with you, or do you need to tote a whole mess of books and files too? Large laptop backpacks for women may look fine in the photographs, but once it's full, how comfortable is it going to be when you hoist it on your back for that mile long walk to the train station? Are you going to carry a purse too? That makes life a lot more difficult. If you put all your essentials into the backpack, will you be able to reach it and is it all going to get smooshed up under the weight of everything else?
That's the other thing, how wide are the straps and are they comfortable? Carrying a laptop backpack that has uncomfortable straps that dig into your shoulders is not going to put you in a good mood when you arrive at that important business meeting!
The laptop backpacks for women that I like best are the ones that come with a convenient, built in handle and wheels that can be rolled along like a carryon. By purchasing one of these types of laptop backpacks for women, you can pull your bag along into the business meeting and look cool, unstressed and business-like. Who wants to turn up at an important meeting, especially when you have had to use public transport, looking like a sweaty, frustrated snail with an aching back?
Yep, as far as I am concerned the best laptop backpacks for women are bright and cheerful and have a handle and wheels.

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