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Imprinted Cooler Bags Are Perfect For Summertime Fun

by:Joy Summit      2021-04-04

When spring is in the air, the reality that we have spent most of the last three or four months indoors starts to really hit home. Everyone wants to get out to the local beach or park and enjoy him or herself and the weather before winter shows its ugly head again. Imprinted bags are the perfect companion for this time of the year.

Imprinted bags serve two purposes: they hold your goodies and spread the word about your business or cause. Coming in a variety of sizes, they offer the convenience of holding a few refreshments during a quick visit to the beach, or can be found in sizes large enough to feed the entire family during an all day visit to a water or amusement park.

The six-pack cooler sells for less than $7 and is the idea item for a single person or couple to bring with them to the beach or pool. It holds six cans and has enough room in the side packs to hold some munchies. When taking a quick trip, this is the exact refreshment bag that should be on your shoulder.

One step up from the six pack cooler, but still in the same price range, is the 12 pack insulated bag. If something more than just a few drinks are needed for the day, this will more than do the job. The bag holds up to 12 beverages, but for two people, it would be ideal to hold a six pack of beverages and a few sandwiches and munchies for the day. It is another lightweight bag that can be easily thrown over the shoulder and carried around all day.

Tailgating events usually require people to bring more than something for just themselves. Let someone else handle the cooking and you can use a 30 can roller cooler to hold enough beverages for everyone before the big game or concert. There are even pouches on the side to put additional bottles or some snacks.

When the whole family is looking for refreshments for the day, it might be time to break out the 50 can super deluxe insulated cooler bag. This is the Cadillac of imprinted bags and offers enough space to hold several meals and beverages for the entire day. The cooler bag has a sturdy handle, rolling wheels, and side pockets that can hold extras, such as a cell phone and keys. When this cooler bag is used, nothing will be left behind.

Arriving at the local event with one of these imprinted cooler bags ensures that you will have enough refreshments for the day and that people will see your business name. By upgrading the cooler with custom imprinted bag options, your business logo or charitable organization can be displaying prominently, causing everyone to take note. Even if it causes them to investigate the business out of mere curiosity, its purpose has been served and more people are made aware of your business. After all, isn't that the purpose of customized merchandise?

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