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How to Properly Disinfect a Pink Dog Carrier

by:Joy Summit      2020-11-18
One of the most important things that you should know when you have a trendy pink dog carrier for your dog is on how to properly clean it. This is to avoid your trendy carrier from smelling bad and also to make sure that your pet has a nice temporary home when you travel that will not make her sick.
So how do you clean a pink dog carrier that looks like a cute toy pet carrier or any carrier for that matter? Well first on the list is for you to actually clean it on a regular basis. This is to ensure that your pet's carrier is always clean and ready for use whenever you go out to travel. Also, cleaning a carrier regularly can kill germs that might be living in it.
Second on the list is to clean and wash your cute and trendy pink carrier that looks like a cute plastic toy pet carrier with a natural cleaning product. Natural means that the product is actually eco-friendly and will not linger on inside the carrier. Strong disinfectants that are used to clean your bathroom should not be used since it may harm your pet once she is placed on the carrier. If you have no time to buy those eco-friendly products, then you can always use soap and water.
A third step that you should do after you have cleaned the dog carrier of your pet is to let it dry out under the sun or just air dry it. Never store the carrier without letting it dry because molds may develop or grow.
Fourthly, you should remember to never share your dog carrier with other dogs. This is to prevent the spreading of germs and other forms of bacteria that might harm your pet. Then try to also avoid sharing the water containers of your pet's carriers to other dogs.

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