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How to Pack a Backpack

by:Joy Summit      2020-10-28
Loading a backpack greatly affects your comfort levels with any backpack and packing it correctly is essential especially for the longer trips when even the slightest discomfort will be challenging. Use the following guidelines for optimum comfort.
If your backpack feels like its leaning away too much from your back or to too much to either side of your shoulders, you have a distribution problem in how weight is balanced. It's essential that you evenly balance the weight to the centre of your back to create more comfort.
When balance is crucial for more strenuous trekking such as off-trail travel, climbing, or skiing, pack heavy items centred in your backpack and close to the back and shoulders for better balance.
The sleeping bag should always go in or on the bottom of the pack. By placing light bulky items at the bottom of your pack, this gives you better balance keeping heavier items to the upper part of the pack. This also minimises obstruction from Bulky items keeping them out of your way.
Pack clothing and other light gear around heavy items (i.e., a stove or climbing gear) in order to keep them from shifting as well as reducing noise and general discomfort. This also helps disperse the weight more evenly between multiple heavy items and prevents them moving and shifting during journey.
Items you will need during the day should be packed in the top of the main compartment, the top pocket, or side pockets. This will allow you to access items quickly during journey and prevent upsetting the balance of your backpack. Items you will need immediately once you get to base-camp, should be kept to the top of your pack especially if arriving late in evening.
Foam pads and odd-sized equipment (such as long tent poles) can be carried on the outside of the pack. Use the appropriate accessory patches, ice-axe loop, or ski slots for these items. Odd sized items create difficulties for packing and best kept external where possible.
Do not put heavy items like water bottles or climbing equipment in pockets located far from your back. Be conscious of weight dispersion and access with all items but especially water bottles that keep you hydrated.
Additionally, no matter how well your backpack is packed, if the straps in your backpack are not correctly adjusted to your size, you will find an increasing amount of discomfort throughout your journey. This is a common problem for people who buy new backpacks. Adjust them throughout your journey until you're happy with how it feels on you back.

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