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How to Make a Pet Carrier Bicycle for Your Dog

by:Joy Summit      2020-11-13
Nowadays, more and more people are making it a habit to take their pets with them wherever they go through the use of pet carriers. Because of this habit they purchase these carriers to carry their pets i.e. cats, dogs, birds, and even hamsters. The most common pet that people have are dogs. It is because they are adorable, cute, friendly, and is loyal to their masters. In times of trouble you can rely on them to help you out.
If you want to take your dog with you wherever you go then make yourself a dog carrier. They are available in stores that offer all sorts of items for dogs. If you find it too expensive then why not do something creative and make your dog several pet carriers that are made of recycled materials. Keep in mind that the pet carrier you are planning to make should be according to the size of your dog. If your dog has the same built of a Chihuahua and then make a small dog carrier.
For this dog carrier project, you will need the following materials: old or used bicycle, grocery basket (you can purchase this in a bargain shop), cord, bolt, 2 pieces of used round steel materials (at least A� inch thick), thick fabric.
• If your old bike had a basket, remove it and replace the grocery basket. They are much sturdier. Remove the grocery basket handle also.
• If your bike does not come with a basket, ask someone from any welding shop to attach the used round steel materials in front of your bike. This will support the bottom part of your basket.
• When attaching the basket use the bolt on the bottom part to hold it in place.
• Use the cord and tie it around the basket and the front part of your bike. This will ensure that the basket is really secure so that when you put your pet inside there is no danger of it falling apart.
• Cut the thick fabric as per the size of the bottom part of you basket. Place it inside the basket. This will make your pet more comfortable.
Now that your small dog carrier is ready, place your pet inside and took it for a test drive.

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