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How to Clean Your Pet Carrier

by:Joy Summit      2020-11-16
One common problem that most pet owners experience is having stinky pet carriers in their house. Keep in mind that sometimes bad odor can affect the health of your pet. Not only will your pet be affected but you and your family also. To avoid this problem, there are several ways you can do to kick the stink away and these are:
1. Washing a pet carrier with water is not enough. You have to wash it with soap as well. Choose a scented soap to make the odor vaporize. You can ask your local pet store what tools you should purchase to clean the carrier. If they have anti-bacterial cleaning materials then buy it to make sure that the carrier of your dog is germ free.
2. Carriers for pets vary according to your dog's sizes. A small dog carrier is much easier to clean than a large dog carrier. So you have to be patient in cleaning them to make sure that there are no stinky odors left.
3. When washing the carrier of your dog with water and soap you must also brush all sides of it. This will ensure that whatever dog food or dog stool in the floor area is scrubbed off. Brush the carrier thoroughly as you do not want to redo your work and waste more time. Remember that cleaning carriers will really take time so you must allot a suitable some time for it.
4. If you do not have the time or the luxury to clean your pet carriers you can take them to any pet services shop that offers cleaning carriers for dogs. If you do not have one in your local area then you can try to hire someone to do the job for you.
5. Once your small dog carrier or large dog carrier is washed, let it dry first before putting your pet inside.

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