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How to Buy Travel Backpacks for Europe

by:Joy Summit      2020-10-18
If you're backpacking Europe, you'll want a pack that's ready for the adventure. You will need something tough, yet light. The best backpack for Europe will be invulnerable to thieving, modest enough to take on an airplane, and simple to use. In this post, we'll discuss exactly what capabilities you need in a Europe backpack. Read on to determine the best pack for your trip across the pond.
Pickpocketing and petty theft are normal in crowded vacationer areas (like the Eiffel Tower and Amsterdam's Red Light District), budget hotels, and Eurail. Forestall greedy fingers from taking your passport, cash, camera, or laptop with a secure bag. Hiking packs are secured using a string. You could just hang up a sign that reads, 'Easy mark!' A locking backpack will stop theft. Just be harder to rob than another American tourists in Europe. Thieves will always steal from the most vulnerable person. A small TSA-approved padlock will be enough security to stop the majority of petty theft abroad.
When backpacking Europe, you'll be moving between cities and hostels often. To do this, you will need a backpack that you can easily pick up and go. Carrying a pack as big as you are will only slow you down, not make everything easier. You shouldn't take everything. Travel packs for Europe need to be carry-on-sized, even if you will mostly be riding on Eurail trains. Using a carry on bag will ensure that you cannot pack too much stuff. Most international airlines permit bags up to forty-five linear inches or 22' tall x 14' wide x 9' deep. This size of bag is little enough to be lightweight and comfy to carry while holding the perfect amount of luggage: 45 liters. You should fit 7-10 days worth of clothing, which you can wear more than once and wash as needed at laundries or in hostel sinks.
When you do carry your backpack on a plane, you'll be saving cash by not paying checked bag costs. You can also save time by not checking your baggage in ahead of the flight and waiting to pick it up after your flight. With your pack in your possession, the airlines won't be able to unexpectedly misplace or break it. I can't emphasize enough how important that is if you're low on cash and don't have a steady address.
Finally, most bags open from the top. To get to most of your stuff, you would have to pull out everything on top of it. You'll probably be living in lots of hostels without much personal space, so unloading everything every time you need anything is not doable. You have to carry a front-loading bag. Front-loading packs use a clamshell opening, in which the entire front can be unzipped. Then you will be able to quickly grab anything in your backpack without having to unpack it.
Before leaving for Europe, find the perfect bag for your journey. It must be lockable, carry-on-sized, and accessible. What other features do you recommend for Europe travel backpacks?

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