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Here Are Some Important Considerations When Buying

by:Joy Summit      2020-10-24
If you are like a lot of students or professionals, having your laptop with you is critical and not an option. And for most situations, bigger is better. Fortunately, laptop technology continues to improve and laptops are more powerful; larger; lighter and battery life is longer than ever before. The popularity of Tablets in the past several years has made some inroads into the arena of online mobility but for real on-the-go computing strength the laptop is essential. So how do you safely and conveniently carry it with you?
Some Things to Consider
First of all, not all backpacks are created equal when it comes to function. They may look the same at first but when you dig a little deeper you realize that the popular school backpack is primarily designed to carry books and not really suited for the specific needs of a laptop. So when you are looking for a computer backpack here are some things to keep in mind:

Size of your laptop
Additional Storage needs (books; notebooks; papers etc.)
Frequency of Commercial Travel
Sturdy Construction
Padded Shoulder Straps

Size Is Important
Size matters because laptop backpacks are not 'one size fits all'. Know the laptop sleeve size of the pack you are considering. As an example Swiss Gear laptop backpacks are size appropriate, as example:

Maxxum fits 15' laptop
Ibex fits fits 17' laptop
ScanSmart styles come in different sizes for 15' to 17' laptops

Other laptop backpack makers offer similar size appropriate packs. Be sure to know the size of laptop you are going to need to accommodate. It is true that you would be able to fit either a 15' or 17' laptop in a sleeve sized for a 17' computer. So there may be some added versatility in the larger sized pack. However, keep in mind that a laptop in an over-sized compartment may not be able to be secured correctly and thus suffer from excessive jostling.
Not Just For the Laptop
Chances are you will not be carrying just your laptop when using the backpack. If you are a student you'll likely need to find room for your text books and other personal items. So whatever laptop bag you may be looking at, be sure it will provide ample room for more than just your computer. Consider the experience a user of the Ibex 17' laptop pack had:
I've carried a laptop, 2 books, 2 notebooks, camera, iPod, cards, power cable, misc cables, stapler, markers, pens/pencils, 2 calculators, water bottle (room for 2), snacks, and there was still a little room left in the small pouch between the laptop and the main compartment. So it had plenty of space for me at least.
When Travel Is Involved
If you are a business person who travels commercially you know how challenging it can be at times to get through the security check points smoothly. Your laptop backpack can help or hinder this process. Some laptop backpacks are designed to be checkpoint friendly. An example is the ScanSmart styles of Swiss Gear. At the checkpoint these backpacks unfold like a clam shell and lay flat, exposing the laptop compartment,with a clear plastic window to view the laptop, allowing it to be scanned separately thus making a tedious process a little less time consuming. Other laptop backpacks are designed to accomplish similar convenience but it needs to be said that the TSA does not universally accept checkpoint friendly features and may still require full and separate exposure of your laptop.
Sturdy and Durable
Finally, no laptop backpack is worth it if it doesn't hold up. Sturdy construction is vital to the longevity of your laptop and convenience to you. You are going to want an experience like this user said about his laptop backpack.
I've carried everything from my 17' notebook to a small two ton capacity hydraulic jack in it. It's the most indestructible backpack that I have seen or used. I love it.
There are a number of good backpacks on the market. So when it is time to purchase one make sure you take into account what size of laptop you will be carrying; what amount of additional space you will need; and what is the track record of the pack you are considering. I've put many a mile on my Swiss Gear laptop backpack and it is still going strong.

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