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Great Military Uniforms

by:Joy Summit      2020-11-02
The wearing of great military uniforms has a shorter history than most people realize. It was back in 200 BC that Spanish troops facing Hannibal first wore a recognizable military uniform. The most surprising thing is that it took so long for the idea to catch on.
In ancient times opposing forces in battle, once things got a bit mixed up, had to rely on the enemy wearing clothes that were not common where they came from in order to recognize another person as an enemy. With enemies who lived relatively close by, this was not always easy, and no doubt many mistakes were made.
The first great military uniforms of the USA were started by General George Washington who decided to wear a bright blue coat with white waistcoat and white breeches. The blue coat also had state colors attached. The blue was chosen as a direct contrast to the British red uniforms, and has remained an important part of US military tradition ever since.
All five of today's US armed forces: Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard, still have a 'blue' part to their standard uniform. While many other countries do as well, it is still the inspiring memory of General George Washington in 1779 with his blue coat that remains in America. Military fashions may come and go, but blue will always remain at some level at least.
There are some laws governing military uniforms that most people don't know about. For instance, if you are an actor and you are playing the part of a military person and wearing an appropriate uniform, you are forbidden by law to wear that uniform in any way considered to be a disgrace to the service in question, or other real soldiers in that service. In other words, you are expected to show an appropriate level of respect, even if it is just acting.
There are also restrictions on what civilians can and can't wear in public with regard to military uniforms. It usually isn't so much the actual clothes that present a problem, but rather the uniform buttons, service medals, and service insignia that can cause difficulties. These are usually not available for purchase to members of the public, and should not be worn if acquired by other means.
Purchasing great military uniforms for personal use or for military use is quite easy. There are many excellent online stores that stock all kinds of military apparel. You can get just about anything, from military undergarment to military headwear, training uniforms to tactical jackets, tops, bottoms, outerwear, uniform accessories and much, much more.
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