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Fun Begins in Bush Gardens Williamsburg Theme Park

by:Joy Summit      2020-10-23
Summer, a sunny, active and wonderful season, to capture its energy and spirit by treating yourself to a theme park is great idea. A lot of attractions and activities are perfect for family bonding, thrilling good times and top-notch entertainment. There are so many theme parks that it is difficult to pick them all. Here just is one example you can visit in summer time, Bush Gardens Williamsburg, Virginia.
This action-packed, old-world European-themed park is about 380 acres of family friendly experiences located in Virginia, where is about 3 miles southeast of Williamsburg. You can discover extraordinary fun and more than 50 rides and attractions. It is world-widely known of roller coasters. One of the five world-class roller coasters at the park, Griffon, is the world's tallest and first floorless dive coaster. The outermost seats extend away from the track, creating a more panoramic view for their riders and adding to the exhilaration.
Another highlight is Verbolten. It is new indoor/outdoor multi-launch coaster. The attraction takes riders on an adrenaline-filled Black Forest adventure where they will experience two high-speed electromagnetic launches. Verbolten is completely immersive experience where riders are part of the story from the time they walk through the queue until they see their expressions on the photo and video monitors at the end of the ride. Also, take a journey on the Rhine River for premium viewing and an unforgettable end to your day at the World's Most Beautiful Theme Park, IllumiNights, a nightly extravaganza of live performances, music and special effects that culminates in a park wide firework spectacular. Bush Gardens is voted the world's 'Most Beautiful Park' every year since 1990.
For most efficiency and maximize your experience, you may check park information before you go, which includes park hours, show times, park map, park brochure, weather, driving direction etc. and put them on your backpack. Can you imaging if you want to ride excited roller coaster, or take adventure in the park's Wolf Valley, or let your heart feel fabulous music and the pure energy of Irish dance explode onstage, but you don't know how to get there or you have to spend long time to find them out. So be prepared early. Your backpack also should have necessary stuff such as additional clothes, skin protection cream, a bottle of water, hydration pack if necessary and camera of course. You don't want to miss any impressive moment.
It is time to escape to the theme park now and let fun begins!

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