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Death Of Pets On Airline Flights

by:Joy Summit      2020-11-23
The number of animal deaths on-board airline flights is alarming. You need to be aware of the restrictions each airline has when you are traveling with your pets.
In Dog Fancy Magazine September 2011, in Bits & Bites, it stated that Delta Airlines has banned American, English and French Bulldogs on all of their flights due to the numbers of deaths last year involving those breeds. Accordingly to Wall Street Journal, Dec 11, 2008 thirty pets reported to have died in transit and 23% were Bulldogs.
While doing some research on pet death on airlines, I was shocked on the numbers of pets that die on the airlines each year. It is not limited to cats and dogs but all kinds of animals each year. Just this month alone there has been two Chinchillas were discovered deceased on Delta Airlines and Continental had a two year old French Mastiff and a five year old cat. In the last five years there have been 122 dogs' deaths, 22 other pet deaths and 88 lost or injured pets. Here is a breakdown of the 122 dogs that were deceased:
English Bulldog 25, Pug 11, Golden Retriever 7, Labrador 7, French Bulldog 6, American Staffordshinre Terrier 4, Boxer 2, Cockatoo 2, Pekingese 2, Pomeranian 2, German Shepherd 1, Sheltie 1, Beagle 1, Chinese Crescent 1, Schipperke 1, Peekapoo 1, Lhasa Apso 1, Husky 1, Bull Mastiff 1, Dogue de Bordeaux 1, Collie 1, Toy Aussie 1, Poodle 1, Rottweiler 1, Southern White 1, Great Pyranees 1, Maltese 1, Pitt Bull 11, Mixed Breed 6, Unknown Breed 20.
Total 122
You can see about half of the deaths over the past five years were short snout breeds like American, English and French Bulldogs, Pugs and American Staffordshire Terrier.
Total reported animal incidents from May 2005 to May 2010 were:
DEATH = 144 INJURED = 55 LOSS = 33 TOTAL = 232
Delta will allow passengers to fly with small dogs, cats and birds on most of their flights for a fee $125 each way and $200 for travel outside of the U.S. each way. You may carry your pets on-board as carry-on luggage but there is a size limitation for the carrier. The carrier must fit under the seat in front of you. The carrier cannot be any bigger than 19 inches long, 13 inches wide and 9 inches high. You may check your pet in as checked in baggage or shipped cargo. Your pet will not be allowed in the cabin area on flights going to Hawaii, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. Pets traveling as checked in baggage you will pay $550 each way for flights outside of the U.S. You will need to contact Delta Airlines for information regarding restrictions on your pet. Pets as checked baggage will be placed in a temperature controlled and pressurized area for the safety and comfort of your pet. Please check with Delta for any requirements and restrictions on checked baggage. You may place two pets of the same size and species into one pet carrier, providing they can fit in the carrier comfortably.
There are some weather restrictions that the airlines will use. When the runway temperatures are above 84 degrees Fahrenheit at the time of departure or below 45 degrees Fahrenheit at the time of the departure, the airlines may refuse to board the pet in the cargo area.
Continental Airlines states it takes pride in their pet program by providing separate check-in area, air conditioned vans to transport the pet to and from the aircraft and they provide additional training for their staff on how to handle pets. Continental Airlines has improved their record of pet deaths by enacting a Bulldogs Embargo in 2009. This embargo included American, English and French Bulldogs and Pit bulls.
The best way to provide safety for your pet is to bring them on-board as carry-on luggage. Most Airlines will allow your pet (cats, dogs and birds) to fly with you but must fit in a carrier where the pet can stand up-right and the carrier must be able to fit under the seat in front of you. On some types of aircraft, the area beneath the middle seat is larger than the aisle or window seat. Please check with the airline you are traveling with to get the measurement of the area beneath the seats to ensure your pet carrier will fit.

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