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Benefits of Babywearing, Give Your Baby a Head Start!

by:Joy Summit      2020-10-20
It seems logical that if you carry your baby he will cry and fuss less. Of course a baby is most content being held, but do you know why? Often you hear about a babies gestation lasting 18 months. Nine months in the womb and nine months plus outside the womb. Concentrating on regulating babies systems (that were disrupted by delivery) outside the womb brings me to babywearing. Wearing your baby simulates the same patterns he experienced in the womb; the rhythm of mom walking, the beat of mom's heart, mom's breathing, smells, voice... This is why babies fuss less while being worn, it is a more familiar environment being held against mom. When a baby is not fussy he is in a state of quiet alertness. Being in a state of quiet alertness enables the baby to visually learn and interact with the world around him. A noise that may startle a baby that is not being held, may not bother a baby in an infant carrier. Thus, his state of quiet alertness is not disturbed and he can continue to absorb his environment. When a baby is held in an infant carrier in the kangaroo carry position, he has a 180-degree view of the world. Even with a busy mom carrying him, he is learning his environment watching mom buzz around. Studies have also shown that babies who are held in infant carriers have shown enhanced visual and audio alertness. Talking to your baby and vividly describing what you both are seeing and doing is very stimulating. Before you know it, you will have a very inquisitive toddler who is quickly understanding his environment. Providing a secure place for your baby will also help him become confident and have high self-esteem. Babies who experience long periods of time away from his caregiver can create insecurities.
Babywearing is not just for infants. Its been proven to be beneficial to wear your child through his toddler years. Most toddler backpacks hold up to 50 pounds. I'm not encouraging anyone to wear their toddler as often as you would wear your infant. Hiking, and traveling are great places to pack up your toddler.
There are lots more benefits to wearing your baby. It enables you to be hands free! Talk about taking multitasking to the next level. Just be sure to find a baby carrier that aligns the baby's spine. You and your baby should always feel very comfortable together in any type of carrier.

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