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Backpacks vs Suitcases: The Traveler's Dilemma

by:Joy Summit      2020-10-19
Before buying a piece of luggage to carry on your vacation, you'll want to decide between a backpack or a suitcase. Which choice is correct for international travelers? Even if you are not a classic 'backpacker' you may still want to consider a backpack. Here's why:
Backpacks, unlike suitcases, are intended to be worn. Because you wear a backpack they're designed to be much less heavy. Suitcases contain lots of plastic to make them rigid. The plastic or metal pieces of the grip and wheel structure also increase the bag's weight. When you're trying to pack light or may have difficulties placing a heavy piece of luggage into the overhead storage area, a bag is the proper alternative.
If you're like me and hate checking bags, opt for a backpack. should you pick a carry-on piece of luggage, you may still be told to check it at the gate if the overhead bin is at capacity. The carry on storage space fills up fast on packed flights. Should that happen, the airline employee at your gate will demand that passengers check their carry on bags. Flyers with suitcases are the ones the ones who must check their bags. If you've brought a backpack or duffel you'll normally be excused from this requirement.
Suitcases with wheels are great under perfect conditions such as the level floors of airports or the hotel. Under any other conditions, they are an impediment. Might your trip include any uneven terrain? Might you have to carry your bag up steps? For any situations other than perfectly even floors, opt for a backpack. Since you're not dragging it about, you'll be able to handle any terrain the world throws at you.
If you do take a suitcase with wheels into the wild, prepare for the wheels to break. The wheels on most suitcases are built from shoddy plastic and crack easily. When they do, your luggage will then be useless. A rolling suitcase with a cracked wheel won't roll well, if at all. You'll have to carry a case that's needlessly heavy due to its handle and wheels. If the wheels crack, you'll be burdened with a bag that retained zero of its usual strengths and all of its weaknesses, plus a few spare ones.
If you're wise enough to pack light and to dodge checking baggage, pick a backpack over a suitcase. Even if you're just a frequent traveler and not a typical 'backpacker,' you'll enjoy the added flexibility of taking your gear anyplace and of getting off the beaten course. Isn't that the point?

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